Continental GP5000 Announced!

Tyre nerds and cycling tech junkies rejoice! After many years as one of the market-leading road cycling tyres, the Continental GP4000S II has a successor – the aptly named Continental GP5000.

Photo credit: Continental

It’s no secret that the Conti GP4000S II tyre is amongst my favourite rubber, having ridden many, many hard and fast miles on the version I and II tyres. The GP4000S II tyres always come out near the top of any rolling resistance tests, so I’d expect the new “5000” version to be at least equal, if not faster than the 4000.

The Conti GP4000S is one of my favourites.

For the GP5000, Continental are claiming a 12% drop in rolling resistance, a 20% increase in puncture protection, and a 10g drop in weight. Those are pretty lofty performance claims for a tyre that is already so good. Whether this translates to any real-world noticeable difference though, we shall wait and see.

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They also boast about a “smoother and more comfortable ride” utilising their patented “Active Comfort Technology” but this of course is much harder to quantify. The sidewall graphics look to have been tidied up as well. With the arrival of the GP5000, it’ll be interesting to see if Continental also revamp their 4 Season range as well.

Needless to say, when my current GP4000S II’s wear out, I’ll be replacing them with a pair of GP5000 tyres for sure (or perhaps I’ll stock up on run-out price 4000’s first).

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  1. i cannot wait to test those tires out.

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