To finish first… (TdF Stage 9)

…first you have to finish.

Well that was a stage and a half! It had all the markings of an epic day at the Tour but that was not what anybody wanted! Big G out. Porte out, Contadope and Q both slipping backwards. Aru(kiddingme) the only other GC rider managing to keep tabs on Froome – okay Bardet and Uran Uran up there too.

No disrespect to Froome of course, he’s an incredible rider and is absolutely crushing it in the Tour – I’m a fan. Sure he’s no style icon but he can certainly race a bike. I want him to win the Tour but with some exciting racing thrown in the mix! I hope after that stage this doesn’t turn into the #BoreDeFrance from here on in.

Are we going to see the “Sky Procession” control the peloton as Froome carries that Yellow all the way to Paris? Please no. But with mountains to follow and that final time trial looking to suite Froome down to a tee, on paper it’s looking that way. I hope we’re in for some more action (of the staying upright kind) and a proper GC fight. It’s still a long way to Paris!

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  1. Anthony says:

    It was quite a dramatic finish….and full of painful crashes. I hope Porte is okay.


  2. stuwj_velo says:

    Yesterday was fascinating because the finish was virtually an action-replay of when they used the Mont du Chat on the Dauphine last month. I also read that Richie P ‘only’ has a fractured pelvis/hip socket and collarbone which is not considered serious – that’s a bit of a miracle that is.

    What’s Quintana playing at? Does he always wait a week to get started like this?

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    1. Incredible to think that a fractured hip and collarbone are “not serious” injuries. Cycling is a tough sport. He’ll live to fight another day, that’s the main thing!

      Hopefully we will now see some attacks and exciting racing from Q and the other GC riders in the mountains to come.

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