A year in the saddle

Looks like the Year Record is the new Hour Record! ;-) In 2016 there will be two new attempts on the “most miles in a year” record – with both the male and female records being contested.

Bruce (@cycle_dr1 on Twitter) has already kicked off his campaign with a 334km ride out in Australia. He will be smashing out the miles down under and then chasing good weather throughout his attempt. Bruce is an all round top bloke and no stranger to massive mileage. His attempt is looking very well planned and supported so I certainly wouldn’t be betting against him!

Kajsa Tylen (@yearinthesaddle) is chasing the women’s record, which was set by Billie Dovey in 1938. Billie rode 29,603 miles to encourage women cyclists and promote the health benefits of cycling.


Makes my 40 mile jaunt this morning seem a bit weak in comparison, haha!

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  1. Sam May says:

    Blimey! Do these guys not have anything else to do :-O and you’re moaning about your 40 miler…I only did 10 minutes lol x

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  2. PedalWORKS says:

    The current record is remarkable given the bike Billie had. I wish Kajsa well and will follow her adventure this year.

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    1. She’s got a solid plan. I hope she gets this record.

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