Surrey Wheels For All

A few weekends ago Woking CC members were invited to join Surrey Wheels For All at one of their Sunday inclusive cycling afternoons. As part of our Christmas Party last year, the club raised £400 for the charity.

Surrey Wheels For All is a local charity that enables children and young adults with various ability levels the opportunity to enjoy cycling through a broad range of adapted cycles. They use the Sheerwater athletics track as their base, but also host events at other locations around the county.


The range of adapted bicycles they had for use was incredible. Everything from tandem hand cycles to tricycles to bikes modified to carry wheelchairs. I couldn’t resist having a spin on one of the low slung hand tricycles.

It was a fantastic and eye opening afternoon of pedal powered fun. I learned a lot about the different styles of bikes they have on offer and the other services they offer to the local community. We even made the paper! I knew I’d be famous one day….


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