A city fit for cycling

I’ve just spend the last week in Amsterdam, it’s a city I’ve wanted to visit for many years now and it was great to finally get over.

Amsterdam is the ultimate cycling city – we’re not talking high end carbon road bikes here – but everyday people on everyday bikes using them as transport. The terrain is flat and there are dedicated cycle lanes almost everywhere.

amsterdam001The wife enjoying a break in Amsterdam’s Flower Market.

In fact if you’re wandering around the streets without paying too much attention you’re more likely to be hit by a bicycle than a car! I’ve never seen so many cargo bikes either, or bikes with all number of boxes and child seats bolted to them. The locals really do use their bikes for everything (and what’s more there is hardly a helmeted head to be seen).

Unsurprisingly then, the best way to see the city is to hire a bike for yourself. Although Amsterdam is easily negotiated on foot or by tram, you can cover far more ground on two wheels and get a much better feel for the city in the process.


My wife and I hired ours from Mike’s Bike Tours, it cost us a grand total of £12 for two bikes rented for the entire day! That’s money well spent.

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  1. The only thing better than travel is travel by bicycle. Love it. Great photography on your page.

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  2. The Deluded Cyclist says:

    It’s a great city. When I visited a few years ago we had bikes, cycled to a restaurant, then cycled to a bar, then cycled to the club, and cycled home. No thanks taxi or night bus

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  3. ezpc1 says:

    I love visiting Amsterdam – first time I went I cycled there from London in 3 days through northern France and Belgium. Loved every minute of it. Been back another two times since and always hire a bike. Why wouldn’t you???

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    1. Renting a bike was one of my highlights! It was great mixing it with the locals and exploring some of the less touristy parts – and I only rode on the wrong side of the road once, haha! I will have to go back for sure.

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      1. ezpc1 says:

        I’d definitely recommend it – I’m still finding lovely streets, shortcuts, great routes and places to visit each time I go – all on a bike of course!


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