My Garmin GPS Device Journey

I’ve owned a few Garmin GPS devices over the years. I fell into the Garmin ecosystem mostly because at the time, there weren’t really any viable options! Now there are actual decent competitors such as Wahoo, Hammerhead and Bryton. Still, I’ve (mostly) stuck with Garmin. My first ever Garmin device may come as a bit of a surprise…

How to convert Zwift ZWO workouts for use on Garmin Edge head units

With the weather improving in the Northern Hemisphere, perhaps your thoughts are turning to riding outdoors once again. Maybe you’d like to take some of those workouts you’ve been crushing on the trainer out onto the road. If you’ve not performed interval workouts outside before, it’s not always easy! You’ll also spend far too long staring at the power data on your Garmin. Pick a safe, traffic free route. Look up! As always obey traffic laws and ride safe. You know what kills gains more than missing an interval target? Colliding with the back of a bus. But if you’d like to know how to convert Zwift workouts for use on Garmin Edge head units, read on!

Garmin IQ “What’s My FTP” App Review

In the world of training with power, it seems FTP is king. Sure, it’s certainly not the be all and end all of power metrics, but it’s one that almost all people who train to power (or just ride around with power) seem to care about. Trouble is, FTP tests suck. Like properly suck. The…

Throwback: The first ride I uploaded to Strava!

Today we take a trip back to 2012. I’d been “road cycling” for a little while already on a flat-barred Hybrid, but was starting to take it a little more seriously. Moving on from my Cateye wheel-magnet based cycling computer, I’d just got my hands on a Garmin Edge 200 thanks to a competition prize….

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Problems! :-/

Well, damn. My six week old Wahoo Elemnt Bolt cycling computer has failed on me. After having trouble with my old but otherwise very reliable Garmin, I decided to try out something new with the Wahoo device. Six weeks of recording rides without issue then one morning I go to hit start and…. At first I…