We interrupt regular programming to bring you a special celebratory dedication to the man, the machine, the Manx Missile, Mark Cavendish! What a legend.

Many people wrote off his early season wins as “easy” as he was (allegedly) only racing against a much weaker field and not the real sprinters. Many thought he should have retired, that he’d never reach the top step again, not feature at all if selected for the Tour, but he’s proved the haters wrong by snagging his 31st Tour de France stage win.

Sure, some might say that some top sprinters were not present, that Sam Bennett wasn’t there, or Caleb Ewan, but that’d be missing the point. You can only beat those that make it to the finish line with you and this is the Tour de France, not some early season chipper. The history books won’t recall who competed for the win, only who won. Only who crossed the line first. Only who was there, and who was there?

Mark Cavendish. That’s who.

So let’s celebrate with a look back at one of Mark Cavendish’s most legendary TdF wins. The final stage of the 2009 Tour de France,. Quite possibly one of THE best sprint finishes in the history of cycling.

Image credits: Main feature image Just Pro Cycling. Stage wins graphic Stadium Astro.

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  1. bikegoddess says:

    Love Cav! He’s amazing!

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  2. Dave Dove says:

    There’s been some fantastic sport over the last couple of days – Andy Murray’s dramatic win at Wimbledon, four great football matches in the Euros (topped by England’s 2-0 win over … Germany!) but the biggest cheer in our house came when Mark Cavendish crossed the line in first place in the fourth stage of the Tour de France. A few weeks ago it looked unlikely he would ever race in the Tour again let alone win a stage. Sam Bennett wasn’t there (and that’s why Cav was) and neither was Caleb Ewan but don’t forget earlier this month in Belgium Cavendish beat a top quality line-up of sprinters including Caleb Ewan. There could be more to come!

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    1. If he wasn’t confident beforehand, he certainly will be now and hungry for more!

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  3. The Omil says:

    I don’t dare to dream about Merckx’s record, or even this year’s Green Jersey but …..

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    1. Imagine that…. !

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