WordPress remove the Classic Editor (and how to restore it)

This is a rare non-cycling post, but bear with me…

It looks like WordPress have finally done it. In a move that sees post creation go from “easy” to “frustrating” the team at WordPress have removed the old Classic Editor completely from the web version. To create and edit new posts (such as this one) it’s necessary to use the clunky “Gutenberg” editor, which looks and feels like it was designed in the 1990’s by a primary school coding class.

Who actually uses this and thinks it’s better than the Classic version?

In the mobile app you may still be able to access the Classic style editor for now, but WordPress do state that “the classic editor will soon be unavailable for creating new posts” for the mobile version also. The block editor is clunky, adding styles and images is more difficult and the whole look of the Gutenberg editor is incredibly un-user-friendly.

Now of course there IS a way to restore the Classic Editor – BUT – it’s going to cost you. Previously you could install WordPress plug-ins for free, but now you need to pay and upgrade to a Business Plan in order to use this service.

See: https://www.greengeeks.com/tutorials/article/classic-editor-wordpress/

You can also insert a “Classic Block” into the new editor, which almost replicates the Classic Editor, but I found this pretty annoying too. If you know of any other way, please let me know!

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    I can live with the classic block. I’ve grown quite used to the whole thing. Didn’t like it, but it’ll do.

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    1. I guess I’ll get used to it. I don’t hate it enough to shell out an extra $300 or so (per year) to access the classic editor plugin!

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  2. alchemyrider says:

    I’m with you re the block editor. I miss being able to apply changes, e.g. font size, to the entire document and not have to make the change in each new block.

    I don’t blog enough to make it worth upgrading to the Business Plan. So I’ll just have to put up with the frankly irritating block editor.

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    1. I won’t be upgrading either. It’s a pretty expensive yearly fee. Maybe once I create a few more posts being forced to use it I’ll become more accustomed to the way it works. For now though, I’ll just rant! Haha!

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  3. idlecyclist says:

    I use the mobile app almost exclusively and have always used the block editor so I know no different. It’s not the worst interface I’ve used but I guess I’d feel different if I had a better version to compare it with!

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  4. Thanks man. If it’s not broken . . . change for the sake of change?

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  5. I went with the change and adapted to it so now prefer it. When I go back to old posts I had the choice to leave as is or use the block editor, so that’s probably gone now. I do have an upgraded version but wasn’t so much (though $300 is AUS I assume). Anyway, the time’s they are a-changin’.

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    1. They certainly are, and I am just an old man shouting into the headwind…

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  6. thefiftyedit says:

    Agreed with the above. My blog is just a hobby. I have no use to upgrade to an expensive business plan. Disappointed that the Classic Editor has been removed after so many complained about it being removed the first time around.

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    1. I’m slowly getting used to it after creating and editing some drafts, but it just doesn’t seem as user friendly and everything seems to take a couple more “clicks” to complete. A strange move.

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  7. Sam Juliano says:

    For me it is devastating. There are TWO immediate issues that I need to resolve as well when setting posts at my site for others and for myself.

    1.) HOW do I insert photos from my document files? It keeps going to a file of previously posted photos. I want my OWN FILES available as they were on the Classic Editor.

    2.) In CLASSIC it was very easy to click on the icon that “broke” the post with the truncated lines meaning “more.” Again I am not finding that even possible with this awful and user unfriendly Guttenberg.

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    1. I’m sure there’s a “way” of doing everything in Guttenberg that was possible in Classic, it’s just going to take a lot of time and frustration to work it out!


  8. Sam Juliano says:

    OK I have sorted out and solved the matter of posting photos and now only have the second sissue.

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  9. I just tried to create a post again on my site after a few months and found this out! I find the block editor really difficult to use and its really frustrating. Like many others have said, the cost of upgrading to a business plan is prohibitive when you are not making any money from your site. I shall have to hope I get used to it but can’t really see this happening …

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    1. You do kind of get used to it (only because you have to). I still find it pretty annoying. I did find a way to get the Classic Editor: On your main “Dashboard” page in the “Quick Draft” box, click on “View all drafts” then under each post it gives you the classic option, plus the option to use classic if you tap Add New up the top. Let me know if that makes sense or not! I might try and add screenshots of this to my original post. :-)


      1. Thanks so much for your reply. I’ve been looking to try to find where you say it is but I can’t find it? Maybe its the template I’ve got but I don’t have a quick drafts box. On my home page in the main dashboard page it says Quick links and write a blog post is one of the quick links under this. But it just goes straight to the block editor… Maybe adding screen shots would help – I hope! Cycling in Tasmania looks nice btw :)


  10. I’m having difficulty with my WordPress site. Every time I visit the page on my phone I had to exit mobile version at the bottom. Anyone know why please.


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