Ride with Mark Flannagan from Beating Bowel Cancer

This morning I rode with Mark Flannagan from Beating Bowel Cancer. I’ve known Mark for a while now, but don’t often get the chance to ride with him. It’s a shame as he’s an avid roadie, enthusiastic member of Woking Cycling Club and all round top bloke. Mark, Paul, Dave and myself spun out for a mid-morning social ride to the cafe.


Mark actually got hooked on road cycling before he even owned a road bike. As part of his charity work he signed up for the Prudential Ride London 100 in 2014, but had to borrow a bike for his first club ride to begin training! It’s been a head-first dive into the world of Lycra since then.

One of the qualities I admire about Mark is his ability to keep pushing himself on the bike. No matter what, if he’s set himself a target he will achieve it. He may not be the fastest guy (and I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that) but we WILL finish what he starts. Giving up is not an option. He’s out there clocking more miles no matter what the weather long after I’ve turned for home.

This year with the support of Beating Bowel Cancer, he will once again be hitting the road and pushing himself through some big events in order to raise not just money, but also awareness of bowel cancer. Two of his toughest days in the saddle will be the Prudential Ride London and the brutal 120-mile hill fest of Wales Velothon. Chapeau!


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