Tannus Aither 1.1 Tyres

Just a quick update on the new Tannus solid tyres. I’ve published an article outlining my initial impressions after chatting with the Tannus rep and fitting a pair. It covers a bit of the science behind the tyres and also the mounting process, which is more complex than regular clincher tyres.

First Look: Tannus Aither 1.1 Solid Tyres

Click on the link above to view the article on Wheelsuckers. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out on the road some time this week to give them a good blast!


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  1. activebeans says:

    They are probably ideal for commuter and possibly training bikes, but I wonder how they handle compared to normal tyres on hard training rides or when racing. But never needing to check tyre pressure seems like something less to worry about. They are meant to feel like a road tyre at 110 psi – how is the ride for lighter vs heavier riders, and what are they like in the wet. Lighter riders and everyone in the wet usually drops their psi a bit…
    They seem great if they work though :-)


    1. They’re not billed as a high end racing tyre so we shall see how they stack up against what I’m used to! I hope to test them in varying weather conditions and will let you know after a few more rides.

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