Yet another cycling blog…

I know… There are literally thousands, so what’s one more?

I’ve been posting a number of articles on Wheelsuckers and thought it’d be great to have any future posts in the one place. The good people at Wheelsuckers have supported me and even sent me fantastic kit to review in the past so I will continue to upload articles there too, but having them all here in an easy to access place seemed logical. Plus I’ve had a website of some description since 1998!

So a little about me…

  • Aussie in the UK
  • Cycling, coffee, cake – not always in that order
  • Enthusiastic club rider
  • Wannabee time trialist
  • Road cycling obsessive
  • Competition Secretary for Woking CC

Twitter: @MiddleRinger



So that’s about it for now, more posts to follow once I get organised! :-)

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  1. Look forward to reading!


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