(not so) Free Speed

Speed. We live for it. Crave it. Want more. Am I right? Of course I’m right. If you’re not interested in riding fast, well this article probably isn’t for you. Here’s a bunch of easy upgrades that will get you flying just that little bit faster!

Sub3-100k: Body and bike testing

In my quest to ride 100km in under three hours total time, I’ve been doing some testing of both my equipment and by fitness. I’ve completed a couple of test rides on the Planet X TT bike with varying success. On my first test I averaged 34.5kph over 60km non-stop. Fast enough to hit my…

Sub 3 hour 100km?

Lying in bed the other night a thought popped into my head. Could I ride 100km in under three hours? I’m talking three hours total time, including stops. Rolling in a decent bunch I could definitely achieve it, on Sally’s Ride in Launceston I missed out by a couple of minutes. But what about solo?…

Revival of the Stealth!

Since 2013 my Planet X Stealth has seen life as a time trial bike and then a road bike, but for the past two years the stripped frameset has been hanging on my wall, unused and collecting dust. It’s time to get it back on the road and built up as a full-on time trial machine once again!

June wrap-up and more pro cycling comparisons

Six months down, six months to go! That’s right, we’re half way through 2021 already. I hope all you folks in the Northern Hemisphere are making the most of your long summer days to get some decent mileage in. We’ve officially passed the Winter Solstice down here, so our days should be getting slightly longer…


We interrupt regular programming to bring you a special celebratory dedication to the man, the machine, the Manx Missile, Mark Cavendish!