Switching to road clipless pedals

After 40,000+ km on mountain bike style SPD clipless pedals, I’ve finally made the transition to “proper” road pedals. I’ve had regular SPD pedals on all my bikes and never had an issue.  I don’t feel like I’m losing any watts in power transfer, although it’s hard to quantify that one. I like that the…

Hands on with mechanical doping

Recently I had a chance encounter with the guys from Typhoon, who build intriguing “motor assisted” road and mountain bikes. They had on display a motorised carbon road bike that on inspection shared an extremely close resemblance to one recently discovered in the world of cyclocross. At first glance I didn’t spot that the bike was modified….

Pimp my winter ride!

After my fair share of commute miles back and forth on the Ribble, I thought it was about time I pimped out my commute bike. There’s always room for one more horse in the stable, right? I’d been eyeing off one of these babies for a month or two since seeing our expert mechanic build a few for customers….