Heart Health in Endurance Athletes: But at what cost?

This medical journey of mine has come at a cost. I’m not talking about a physical or mental cost, but an actual monetary cost. All the appointments and scans don’t come for free. Then again, what price do you put on your health? Out of interest, I thought I’d keep track of just how much it has cost me to get fully checked out.

Heart Health in Endurance Athletes: A full 3D scan and some news I didn’t want to hear

Sitting in my cardiologist’s office reading the report from my heart scans and tests, it was not the news I was expecting to get today. Very high risk. All these tests were meant to be precautionary, a journey to a “yep you’re fine” outcome, simply confirming that nothing untoward was occurring in my arteries. I didn’t expect bad news! I’m a clean-eating, clean-living hard-working endurance athlete. What does that even mean for me now and in the future?

Farewell to my Planet X Stealth

After almost a decade, my Planet X Stealth and I have parted ways. I originally bought the Stealth all the way back in January 2013 during a Planet X flash sale. I was living in Berkshire (England). Even though it was one of their lower spec’d time trial offerings, it was a huge purchase for…

2022 Resolution Ride #09 – Dancing on the pedals

Ever have one of those days where everything just clicks? Where you’re simply dancing on the pedals and floating across the tarmac? It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you just know. My ride did not start that way, in fact it started early when the temperature was barely nudging 5 degrees. I couldn’t…

Heart Health in Endurance Athletes: Bloodwork

When my doctor wrote out my pathology request, she told me that “if everything was fine with my blood test results, I wouldn’t hear from her.” Armed with that somewhat-comforting knowledge, I got myself down to the pathology lab and parted with three vials of blood. Around 48 hours later, I got a text asking me to book a follow-up appointment…

Winter 2022 Roundup

The first of September. Winter is officially over! To be honest it’s been a pretty good winter here in Tasmania. It’s not like we get snowed in or suffer days on end of sub-zero temperatures. The mornings are cold, but are getting warmer day by day (and much lighter). Early morning rides still call for long winter tights, long sleeves, and full-finger gloves, but during the week I am lucky enough to be able to wait and ride later in the day when it’s nicer.