Are you a Local Legend?

Strava have done it again. True to form, they’ve introduced yet another feature that nobody asked for and nobody knew they didn’t even need. By now I’m sure you’re aware of Local Legends. According to Strava this new feature awards you for “grit, discipline and passion” but in reality it’s merely a fancy virtual crown for riding a segment more times than somebody else. It’s the “thanks for coming participation medal” of the cycling world…

Racked up a number of the new crowns.

Remember those hollow cup yearly KOMs that Strava introduced a few years ago? Then removed because of the backlash? We all went out for our New Years Day rides and came home to a slew of new KOM crowns, hahaha! This new Local Legends is about as useful as that.

Since it’s introduction I pick up a new Local Legend crown almost every ride. I’m not even sure how the algorithm works. I think they’re just making it up as they go along! I am definitely the “Local Legend” on a whole array of segments in my postcode, but each ride Strava just seems to pick one at random to award. 

Some say he’s a Local Legend…

In this modern “everybody gets a prize” world we live in, I guess awarding a virtual prize just because you’ve ridden a stretch of road more times than somebody else is not really that big a stretch. To quote Oprah; You get a crown! You get a crown! You get a crown! Everybody gets a crown!

…others say he just likes to pose with his bike!

At the end of the day, anything that encourages more people to get out and ride is a good thing and I shouldn’t be negative about it. It’s another carrot for cyclists to chase. To me though, it just reminds me that maybe I should explore some new territory… #rideyourbike

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  1. I think Strava is aiming these awards at those who are just starting, and let’s face it there are loads at the moment, and also those who don’t stand a chance of getting a KOM. I get the impression it’s in the name of inclusivity and by way of a bit of encouragement. Seems like the only way you’re going to get a KOM in Surrey, UK these days is to check the wind direction, pick a segment and then get a lead out from your mates.
    Personally I have a look at some of the PR’s I get and then filter by age, in my case 65 to 69, and see how I compare.

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  2. ericritter65 says:

    100% agree, Strava is quickly becoming like FaceBook. Honestly, I’m not sure why I even upload rides anymore? I always log my miles into a spreadsheet, and that is my bible and guide for how I’m doing in any given week, month, quarter or year!

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    1. I am WAY too disorganised to put all my rides in a spreadsheet! Haha!


  3. magicmoir says:

    My thoughts on it was that it’s a bit of fun, it is aimed at encouraging people to ride, and it is a something that for the time being at least is achievable. As more and more people have joined Strava, KOM’s have become harder and harder to get. Unless, like one of the comments says, you pick a day when the wind is behind you and get drafted into it. Or you go out and potentially ruin a ride or rides because you gave everything you had on just one stretch of road. Or, you pick something downright dangerous. There’s a segment on one of my regular rides called Take A Brave Pill. I’ve held it before, and whilst I’m not afraid of a bit of speed, I don’t want to get anywhere near what the KOM is on this section of road.
    But my thoughts on Local Legends changed when I was telling a female colleague that I’d sadly found out I’d become the Local Legend of Brewers Droop (I wish this was made up), and she said that it’s quite worrying as it could highlight places where a a solo female rider regularly rides. Granted, you could go and find this out anyway, but her feeling was this made it easier, and that made her feel vulnerable. I’m not sure if this is right or not, but it is concerning that it’s made someone feel like that.


    1. The female vulnerability aspect of it had never even crossed my mind! That I guess is a very real thing. Quite concerning when you think of it – that’s a whole other conversation and I’m probably not qualified to disect that one!


      1. magicmoir says:

        Mine neither.

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  4. biking2work says:

    I’m a very proud Local legend on the “fart and you could go faster” segment

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    1. magicmoir says:

      Childish to ask I know… but have you tried it?


      1. biking2work says:

        Once and beat my PB by 1 sec!


        1. magicmoir says:

          Still, 1 second is one second. Glad I don’t ride behind you though.

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  5. I am not sure about “Local Legends” either. If I always turn right out of my house instead of alternating left I could easily pick up the segment along my street. But why would I want to do that? Why would you want to “reward” people for doing the same segment over and over again? It’s the complete opposite of something like Veloviewer tiles. Sadly another example of where Strava has lost its way . . .

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    1. And they wonder why after all these years as the leading ride sharing social platform on the planet, they are still yet to turn a profit…

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