Late to the Zwift party!

Okay. I’ll admit it. I was wrong. Oh so wrong…

Zwift is pretty damn cool.

When it comes to indoor training I’ve always been in the “short sharp suffering in the pain cave with intense intervals and no distractions” type of guy, but after clocking up a few virtual rides in the virtual world of Zwift, I’m converted!

zwift_001An hour on the trainer usually feels like a whole day – but with Zwift everything flies by in a blur of smashing it up “hills” and chasing down breaks. You can even virtually “draft” other riders to save energy! Just this morning I spent over two hours on the trainer and you know what? It didn’t suck! I wish I’d had Zwift back during those grimy UK winters. Oh and check virtual me out in my virtual Sigma Sport kit!

I’ve got a pretty basic setup now using my power meter equipped bike, a set of Elite rollers, Zwift on the laptop and a floor fan. It works and does the job, but a new smart turbo trainer will automatically vary resistance to simulate climbs and descents.

zwiftmaplondon8A virtual ride around London including a re-located Box Hill climb!

If you haven’t tried Zwift yet, do so this month! As a bonus Strava Premium members get the rest of the year for FREE! This could get very addictive…


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  1. I’ve avoided Zwift thus far, sticking to my usual winter setup of rollers and a podcast in my ears. I weirdly enjoy an hour on the rollers two or three times a week. Nothing against the idea of Zwift though, and I have lots of friends who use it. I’ll convert one day!


    1. I think they both have their benefits. Sometimes cycling is about getting away from all the distractions and just having time to yourself. Zwift can very much be the opposite of that.


  2. Evan Lewis says:

    Hi, my name is Evan I’m a cyclist is South Wales. I love your blog and might have a website that interesting to you. It currently provides routes and articles for the Gloucestershire area but I know it’s looking to expand to new counties/ nationwide. Thought you might want to give it a look:

    Keep at it!

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  3. What bike is that!? Hahaha


    1. I used the Zwift TT bike at first, but then realised that it doesn’t let you “draft” using it!

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  4. biggs682 says:

    The work of the devil indoor training

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  5. Love the way they’ve remapped London to squeeze in Box Hill!

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    1. Haha yeah I love that! The London course is cool, riding those roads car free is sweet. I’ll be making the most of the Strava Premium free months.

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