The things we do…

…for a little cloth badge from Rapha! :-)

Finally received  my Rapha Festive 500 celebratory badge. I’ve been waiting for this since I finished that last ride on the 28th of December to cap off six days on the bike.

The badge was accompanied by a postcard full of challenge statistics. One of the more interesting numbers is 1277. That’s the total number of riders in the UK who managed to ride 500km or more and complete the challenge. A nice little elite group I’d say!


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  1. ezpc1 says:

    Well done!!! A serious bit of effort like that should be acknowledged ….so what now???

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    1. To be honest … I’m not sure! I haven’t signed up for any events yet. I’ll hopefully ride a few time trials and chase a PB or two over 10 and 25 miles. Mostly though just enjoying the ride!

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      1. ezpc1 says:

        I have myself booked up for 1 sportive a month and am signed up to a great bunch who like to meet regularly for social rides – it’s great. Ride distances vary from 15 miles to a 100 and people join and depart to suit their lifestyle / availability / other commitments. Very flexible.


        1. Sounds great! I ride with a club and it’s the best thing I ever did for my cycling. Have met so many new people and have pushed myself harder (and pushed others) on the bike. It’s part of the reason I don’t sign up for many Sportives, I’d rather be on the Sunday club ride!

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          1. ezpc1 says:

            Aye – historically I’ve not managed to maintain a weekly commitment to a club run with my work commitments often getting in the way. Might be the way forward though …..


          2. It’s also a damn sight cheaper… ;-)
            Sportive: £30 a ride
            Club membership: £15 a year + coffee money!

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          3. ezpc1 says:

            Lol. Coffee – I love a good coffee. I seriously invested in a good coffee machine and now probably drink too much at home. Perfect way to set yourself up before a ride.

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  2. Sheree says:

    Congratulations on completing Rapha 500

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