Some loser called Lance

I don’t normally weigh in on the Lance Armstrong debate. I feel it’s giving him the attention he so badly craves. Providing him with any attention – whether that be positive or negative – is certainly no good for the sport in this new and (hopefully) cleaner era of professional cycling.

I’d much prefer he was forgotten and ignored, with just the lessons learned from his atrocities remaining. With his recent emergence back into the media I was asked to contribute a few thoughts for a fellow blogger, so I made an exception. If you’re at all interested in the Lance Armstrong Era then be sure to head over to Michael Stokoe’s blog and have a read of his latest articles on the subject:

Lance Armstrong Special – Part Four


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  1. exmaschine says:

    Sorry mate but I have a different take and opinio on ped use. I would like to offer my pov…

    I don’t get some of the anger harbored for an athlete who used or uses ped’s. For me It’s entertainment and high dollar activities, like any other form of big buck entertainment. I think some of the emotions cloud the reality. The NFL, MLB, Global Football, etc, etc. have rampant use of ped’s (which as a libertarian, I have zero objections to. For me, freedom of ‘choice’ is the crux of liberty, you want to use ped’s? Go right ahead. No more dangerous than Tylenol- but you should know the consequences of your own actions, period)

    ALL major sports have ped use, all other sports have little problems. It’s only cycling and T&F that seem to make the most noise about it. It’s Kabuki Theater, a major distraction. And imo there are way more important things to be upset about than athletes using ped’s. Such as the loss of liberties everyday, the imprisonment of innocent people, the drone bombing of women and children, the abuse of eminent domain, I could go on and on. But governments around the world are growing dangerously totalitarian and most people don’t seem to care much about it. They get upset over irrelevant things, such as sports. To me, It makes little sense.

    Caring about athlete behavior in a sport, that ultimately is pure entertainment, seems like a huge waste of energy. In fact, I’d say, according to most ‘cyclists’ mantra of relax, enjoy and everything’s cool…it’s a bit of hypocrisy.

    I like Lance, Jan, Ivan and all the other ‘entertaining’ cyclists that have made watching the major races and tours over the years enjoyable. It’s like going to a film for me. I want action, I want drama I don’t want something I can most likely see at a local cat 3 event. I want super-human efforts- because I want to be entertained. It’s one of the reasons why the NFL is SO successful. Big, super, strong athletes, performing at exceptional levels, beyond the norm….

    So firstly, for me watching athletes perform the outrageous or the nearly impossible feats is, to a degree inspiring, not deflating. (knowing full well that they are using a means to engineer the body- I’m not some naive person who thought these guys are riding above their limits on sheer grit and depleted oxygen…) Secondly, I believe all substances should be legal anyway. Alcohol and prescription meds and acetaminophen are some of the most deadly liver toxic drugs on the planet, yet we celebrate alcohol, laud otc drugs, prescribe Narcotic and anti-psych meds like MAD and then get upset over steroid use!

    I know a lot of folks want to make the issue about ‘cheating’ But, when you boil it down to a logical analyses about substances and choice, it’s more about the politics and power-plays of sport, big pharma and government. The issue is much wider in scope than most give thought to. Soon, marijuana will be legal in most of the nation if not all of it. Hard liquor is much more hepatotoxic than most anabolics AND much more hepatotoxic than acetaminophen (just research the many different articles that have been published over the last 2-3 years) If it strictly a ‘cheating’ issue, then what about every other sport.

    “Cheating” is in a way, demonized, one mans cheating is another mans “unfair advantage” Man has been pushing the boundaries and limits of everything since the dawn of time. It will never cease and only in fact increase as science and technology advance. Caring about highly functioning sociopaths that play sports has little impact on my life…now caring and getting upset over highly functioning sociopaths that are my supposed elected officials who are passing unjust laws and stealing my tax dollars and destroying my freedoms does have a huge impact of my life…All I am saying, imo is, I just think we should put all of these things in perspective mate!



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